New York City Skyline from Empire State Building
Inside the Oculus in Downtown Manhattan, New York City


With my neck extended and chin pointed to the sky, I catch myself looking upwards for the last two blocks of walking 5th Ave. Seeing the familiarity of shadows sweeping over high walls of windows, I knew I had to quickly find a higher vantage point. Only there could I experience the transformation of two worlds in one city.

Overlooking Chinatown from Manhattan Bridge in New York Cityreuters building overlooking times square in manhattan, new york

Made for Manhattan

No matter where I am in this world, I often find myself thinking about New York City. It's the towering skyscrapers, mass transit, and peculiar people that make it feel like a new adventure every time I walk the streets. Day and night bring on entirely new elements - where you'll likely find the lifeblood of the city during midday, and see the grit that darkness brings in the after hours.

Two motorcycles parked in front of cafe in Manhattan, New York
Man walking across the street in Wall Street, New YorkOverlooking a street in Chinatown at night in New York City
"Only there could I experience the transformation of two worlds in one city."

Shooting street here is one of my greatest pleasures. There's always something worth seeing, and my camera never gets a break. Despite my best efforts, I still feel I have yet to scratch the surface of this concrete maze of a city. If you're looking to jab with this beast, there's room for everyone. All it takes is for you to immerse yourself into where the world calls, "The Greatest City on Earth".

70 Pine building in Downlown Manhattan, New York
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