Finding your dream car is a lot like falling in love. Sometimes, it comes when you least expect it. The streamlined curves, the sound of an engine's purr, the grip of a leather steering wheel - we think of nothing but everything. You'll know when you find the one, but when you do will always be a mystery.


Overhead view of black BMW in Long Beach, California
Silver NSX side windows in Pomona, California

For enthusiasts

One of the most prevalent debates between car enthusiasts was whether you are an advocate for performance or form. I've always been a champion of both worlds - to admire and appreciate the craftsmanship of every car body, and its power within. Regardless of origin, every car had a team who spent hours behind lab doors to bring an idea into fruition. While vocal disputes between motorists will always be a trend, one thing remains self-evident - we all love our cars.

World Rally Blue Subaru WRX STi in Osaka, Japan
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